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Our Team

A little about the smashing teams you could be working with every day:

Customer Success

The most important goal across all of SmashFly is customer success—thus this team is the largest and has grown the fastest. Simply, we make implementation, development and everyday use better for our customers while building stronger, collaborative relationships with them. Our two most common traits? Innate sense of teamwork and a passion for providing outstanding service.

Ted Ruscitti, Chief Customer Officer


When an organization has a need, and their incumbent solutions are giving them a headache, our Sales team has deep satisfaction far beyond the sale that we can positively transform their talent acquisition vision and process. Sales challenges old thinking around talent acquisition by educating our market on new, innovative tools that support transformative recruiting strategies. We're an anomaly of informal efficiency: We banter, laugh and prank as we find, nurture, and close deals at a rate teams twice our size would be proud of.

Scott Fowle, Chief Sales Officer


Our pillars are quality, adaptability, endurance, communication, aesthetic, integration, and our main goal is to build great infrastructure and technology that lasts. We believe we're building something unique, something that hasn't been built before. There's a special edge there. Thirty applications make up SmashFly, and they all work together. Our team is similar: We understand all the parts as well as the product as a whole and can work together seamlessly.

Tim Hennessy, Vice President Engineering


SmashFly is changing the way organizations recruit by focusing on marketing best practices to talent acquisition. Who better to teach marketing best practices than marketers? We all share a love of inbound marketing, great content and social engagement rooted in strong analytics. For our team, no challenge is too big or too small, and the same goes with responsibilities: we might be white boarding a strategy to enter a new market, and the next day we're unpacking boxes for a trade show booth. But we we're probably playing music or laughing hysterically during both.

Lori Sylvia, Chief Marketing Officer

Finance and Human Resources

At SmashFly, HR & Finance go hand-in-hand in keeping internal operations running smoothly. We work to solve problems, acquire new talent, project business growth and keep each department happy—which is the best part: working with every single person at the company. Another cool part? We get to actually use the SmashFly software every day—and as recruiters we can't ask for much more than that. We work together to make sure that SmashFly's benefits stay competitive while remaining fiscally sound. And from rolling out 401(k)s to catered lunches, we always find a way to stay laughing.

Marisa Linardos, Chief Financial Officer / Ginay Tannenbaum, Director of Human Resources

Product Management

The product team works to inspire and drive continued transformation in how organizations recruit. We do this by building smart software solutions that are beautiful, relevant and cutting edge. We watch our market, learn from our customers, define and iterate with our developers, and train and collaborate with our operations, sales and services teams. In other words, being on the product team puts you in the hub that connects the spokes across the organization—and no day is the same! We keep the long-term in mind, but every day deliver on updates to align communication, readiness and quality that continues to innovate and best align our product in the market.

Mary Grace Hennessy, Chief Product Officer