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One of our veteran employees shared how more than five years - and about three office spaces ago - he was interviewing with our CEO Mike Hennessy for a position at the largely unheard of startup, SmashFly, that was on a mission to change how organizations recruit talent. Briefly, it went like this:

"So there aren't competitors doing this today?"
"Why not?"

Fast forward from this conversation in 2010, and even further from SmashFly's founding in 2007, and we've come light years:



has double, tripled, quadrupled, with departments in Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Product Engineering and Human Resources.


has moved from a few-room home to a multi-floor, expansive and river-facing space in a historic old mill building.


continue to increase, including numerous global organizations and funding from OpenView Venture Partners.

And while competitors have emerged, our mission remains the same, clearer and more vital than ever: change how organizations think about recruiting and improve how they attract qualified talent.

Do you want to be a part of writing SmashFly’s history?