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what we believe

“At SmashFly each individual is a leader. Whether he or she leads a team or not we hire people that we trust to not just do their job, but to take ownership of what they do. We've grown an organization where each of us is responsible to the others, and we take pride in working as a team and being able to speak our minds freely and honestly. We lead by example, expecting the best from each other, and getting better than we expected.”

- Michael Hennessy, Founder

what it means to ted

“Being authentic is about speaking from the heart. When I came to SmashFly I made a conscious decision to use the opportunity to take that up a notch. I knew I had the opportunity to have a significant voice in company culture and direction. I decided to really have fun with it - to push the limits of being "real" with customers and employees.”

- Ted Ruscitti

what it means to debbie

“As a sales rep, I work in an environment where it’s necessary to think outside of the box, adapt to prospect challenges, and challenge my thinking and that of my prospects. I believe that Challenging the Status Quo is the only way to innovate and excel. We have to think about how can we do things differently and change the way our customers recruit talent for the better.”

- Debbie Tuel

what it means to VERA

“This value is very important to me, as I firmly believe a team cannot function without everyone selflessly working together. Putting the team first is essential to the success of an operation. Nothing would be completed without everyone’s cooperation and teamwork. I have always believed in working hard, being humble, and getting the job done.”

- Vera Bruklich

what it means to josh

“We need to be relentlessly curious about the opportunities hiding right around the corner, and we have to be maniacally focused on attacking those opportunities - even if we’re unsure where they might lead.”

- Josh Zywien

what it means to Kathy

"When deadlines loom, client deliverables are on the line and challenges arise, you've got to ask yourself the question, what can I do to get this done? Nobody should be too proud to dive in to get work done regardless of what the task is. "Not my job" doesn't have a home in the Smasher lexicon."

- Kathy Auld

where we’ve been

SmashFly was born out of a vision to do better when it comes to helping people find their fit and companies to find the best talent. That vision ran through home offices, on through to our amazing space in Concord. We’ve spent our 10 years creating a new category in the recruiting space, and we are looking for people to help us grow to continue to change the game.

where we’re going

As a venture-backed startup, we’re looking to the next 10 years to build on our history of growth and challenging the status quo to create a new experience for candidates and for companies. One that is anchoring in building relationships and bring people and brands together around meaningful work.