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Knowledge Base Exploration Awaits

You may be familiar with SmashFly's Support team and you may have sent them emails about issues you were having. But are you aware that by logging into the SmashFly Support Portal you can access an entire Knowledge Base of information?

Search through the Knowledge Base for information about the SmashFly platform, including documents, articles, and videos on many topics, such as: how to clear your cache and cookies, tips for working with talent forms, and how duplicate contacts are handled by the system, among other helpful resources.

The Solutions area of the SmashFly Support Portal also provides access to the Knowledge Base and has categories of information such as CRM, Administration, Job Posting, and Release Notes. The Forums area provides continual updates on support announcements and release information. Be sure to follow the Forums to receive notices when content is updated or added.

You can access the SmashFly Support Portal via a couple different access points:
•    Click the Help & Training menu from within your SmashFly system
•    Enter the following URL -

Make sure you take a few minutes to log in and check out available information!  If you currently don't have access to the SmashFly Support Portal, send an email to and our Support Team will provide you access.

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