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New Release Highlights

SmashFly is excited to announce that we will be deploying SmashFly 15 to production on April 24, 2015. This release introduces the new SmashFly Referrals offering.  The Referrals Module will not be enabled for customers until it is implemented by our services team.  This release will be completely transparent to you, unless you are an Early Adopter.  We will announce general availability of SmashFly Referrals once our Early Adopter clients have achieved defined benchmarks of quality in production for a sustained period of time.  We expect this early adopter process to take about eight weeks. 

Benefits of SmashFly Referrals:

•    Maximize access to referrals
•    Ensure referral compliance
•    Track referral return alongside other channels
•    Engage sponsors (the ones who refer) via targeted campaigns
•    Provide tools for sponsors to track their referred contacts
•    Deliver workflow-based communications to both sponsors and to referred contacts

Industry standards show that referrals are 2 times more likely to be hired than non-referrals.  Referrals from current employees supply the best quality, fastest to ramp, and highest to yield candidates.

Watch a 15 minute overview on the Referrals module and gain the contact, referral sponsor and recruiter perspective.   Click here for the Referrals Overview Video link.

Earlier this year, SmashFly released a Boost to its Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform.  The Boost contained a number of enhancements, described in the Release Notes.

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