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Spotlight Shines on Chris Brablc

We are casting the Employee Spotlight this quarter on Chris Brablc, SmashFly's own Director of Marketing. February 25, 2015 marked Chris' five year anniversary with SmashFly Technologies.  Chris was looking for a new adventure when 5 years ago he responded to a job opportunity on Craigslist, which led him to meeting with Mike Hennessy, SmashFly’s Founder and CEO.  He was up to the huge challenge in front of him - to get the word out on SmashFly. Chris carved out his own job at SmashFly and built the Marketing function from scratch.

When Chris started at SmashFly, he quickly took over the blog that Mike had started and got to work, creating a voice for SmashFly and earning a following. Today the SmashFly Blog is one of the most respected HR tech blogs in our industry. In fact, the blog gets more visitors than the SmashFly Technologies website. In addition, Chris’ savvy use of social media has raised SmashFly’s profile and visibility, and his ability to build relationships with media, analysts and practitioners has given SmashFly tangible influence in the market.
Chris has become a thought leader on recruitment marketing in his own right, helping to shape not only SmashFly’s evolution into a platform solution but also how recruitment marketing is adopted by you, our own customers and throughout talent acquisition.
When Chris is not creating blog articles, establishing the SmashFly presence at trade shows, or contributing to presentation decks he likes to ride his bike, play a little wastebasket basketball hoops and have the occasional beer.  Chris is a great collaborator and team player throughout the SmashFly organization. We wouldn't be the organization we are without him!

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