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  OFFICE TOUR: Bob Bilodeau     

Department: Marketing

Role: Opportunity Consultant

Time at SmashFly: 2 Months

Bob's Theme: 


A personal intro

I graduated from Endicott College in May of 2013 where I majored in Accounting and went to play football. I'm a big sports fan and love my Boston teams. I was brought up by awesome parents who taught me to always work for what I want. I have an older sister, a younger brother and we have three dogs.


Favorite off-the-grid activity

Some of my favorite things to do are golfing, skiing, hiking and some art stuff (wood burning).


Favorite drink

Non-alcoholic - water, diet coke/pepsi, coffee

Alcoholic - Sam Adams Seasonal Brews, Whiskey, Scotch and Tequila



Bob or Bobby


Favorite saying or slogan or quote

Play Like a Champion Today


A little-known fact about Bob

I'm a speed junkie when it comes to skiing. There's no greater feeling than being 12,500 ft up in Aspen, CO and dropping into the bowl of a mountain with fresh, untouched snow.


Why Bob elected to join SmashFly and how Bob plans to assist in our mission

I joined SmashFly because of the excitement that everyone has with regards to the direction and future of the company. It's great to know that SmashFly is a place where everyone comes to work knowing that they are a part of something special and that their work actually has an impact on the success of the company. I plan to assist in the company's mission by working hard and doing what needs to be done to help the company and the team achieve its' goals.


Bob's favorite thing about Opportunity Consulting and the associated role

My favorite thing about the role is that a company doesn't succeed without a successful sales team. Sales ultimately drives the business so the challenge to generate business for the company is motivating.