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Department: G&A (Mission Control) 

Role: Director, Contracts & Legal

Time at SmashFly: 4 Months

Marty's Theme: Legal Pen Red?



A personal intro

Personal Intro – I grew up in RI, lived in DC for over 15 years, after college, and returned to New England in late 2001 to assist with parents' health.  Went to PC undergrad and CUA law school, have a hysterically funny 10 year old daughter and 2 grown kids.


Favorite off-the-grid activity 

Gym, bike on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, playing keyboards (some do run on batteries, so no grid needed)


Favorite drink

Manhattan on the rocks (w/bourbon) and sweet iced tea (not mixed together)



Matz (usage ended when I was about 16)


A little-known fact about Marty

Was in NYC 5 days after 9/11, helping NY staff organize escape routes, buy flashlights, and choose emergency coordinators, in the event of a future disaster.   No contracts or legal issues at all – HR talked me into accompanying them on the trip – still remember the lack of any conversation on the Acela train.

Why Marty elected to join SmashFly and how Marty plans to assist in our mission

As many of you know, I've been supporting SmashFly as a contractor for a few months, and quite literally have NEVER worked with such an amazing group, on so many levels.  Yes, our recent successes have been great, esp with our new whales, but beyond that, I’ve never encountered such a fantastic team with first rate leadership and technical products.  I couldn't say it better than several of you did recently in your Thanksgiving emails - am just so thankful to be part of this incredible group.  Hopefully I can continue to help negotiate our sales contracts, and develop our infrastructure for both compliance policies (required by the whales) and IP protection.


Marty's favorite thing about Product Management and the associated role

This has to be the daily balancing act associated with the position.  This role requires the proper balance of speed (too fast = overlooked terms, too slow = missed opportunity/revenue) and detail (redlining every clause = no risk, but also no deal, yet accepting everything in a contract  =  fast signing but high risk).  As a Gemini (i.e. quasi-bipolar!), addressing both sides has always appealed to me.  I also love building relationships with negotiating parties; it's easy to be scorched earth with The Other Side, but if those people are future clients, that posture will, at a minimum, delay contract closing, and will likely impact the relationship well into the future.  When we close a deal, and the opposing Contract/Sourcing Manager or counsel says "We really enjoyed working with you", AND SmashFly got everything we wanted, that's a fun day.