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Department: Product Management 

Role: Product Manager

Time at SmashFly: 11 Months



I am extremely passionate about technology, and have found it second nature to translate technical into human and vice versa. Product Management allows for me to excel at what I do best: multi-tasking and just getting things done. My road to Product Management wasn't a typical one, although I don't know anybody who has said there was one. The skills I gained as a pilot and working technical operations in a television studio prepared me perfectly for this role. Each had unique challenges, and ended up being a perfect blend for me. I feel good every day knowing that my efforts are driving change in an industry that impacts all people. We listen to the market and our clients to make big impact and quick wins. My wife and I love to travel when we're not in the office, and have been to some really cool places, like a full transit of the Panama Canal, Pompeii, and I can go on and on. I like playing my guitar and listening to music in general. I am a huge hockey fan, and am getting myself back into playing shape.


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