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Department: Corporate 

Role: Controller

Time at SmashFly: 1 Year, 7 Months



On a typical work day at SmashFly you can find me working with end users to create, document and support all sorts of exciting financial policies and procedures. I've been called an "unaccountant" more than once in my career. Don't get me wrong, I find bliss in process, spreadsheets and balancing numbers to the cent, like any good accountant, but really love interactions with coworkers, no mater what department. My past experience has taught me that in order to succeed, both as an employee and as a company, there has to be interdepartmental collaboration and support, a ‘can do’ attitude and the sense that no task is beneath you. When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my boys. I'm out numbered at home, with a husband, two sons, and even a male dog. This means I get to enjoy super hero movies, playing in the mud, and never-ending giggle fits when anyone mentions farts. Family really does fill my cup at the end of the day.


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