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Providing Talent to SmashFly

We love our partners and want to be sure that we are providing you with the information you need to be successful working with us. The truth is, we are in growth mode and with that, we are in need of adding critical staff. We hear from great recruiters all the time that they have just the talent we need. Which is awesome, we cannot wait to meet them! But, because we want to be the best partners possible, we have designed a process to accept candidates from the approved partners. The process is simple to follow and even leverages our own platform to submit candidates for our team to review. Interested in learning more, keep reading!

Rules of Engagement

In order to accept talent from you, we need you to be an approved partner first. So, we have a handy downloadable PDF for you to fill out and submit to our HR team. All the instructions are in the PDF, so, if you are interested in submitting candidates to SmashFly, you will need to get that filled out first. Because we are a very transparent company, before you decide to fill that form out, we want you to know a few things that will govern our working relationship.

  1. SmashFly will pay 18% of base salary.
  2. A new candidate submission is only valid for 9 months. After the 9 month period, SmashFly will assume that there is no longer a hold or lock on that candidate.

To get started working with us, please review our agency agreement, if it meets your acceptance, please forward it to our HR team

How it will work

Once we have you registered as a partner and you've agreed to the Rules of Engagement, you can begin to submit candidates directly into our platform just like this:

  1. You will get your very own source code so that you get credit for your candidates.
  2. We will send you your source code as well as the way we need you to format your email subject line.
  3. When you have a candidate we should see, you copy and paste our subject line into a special email address that we provide you and you can simply email individual candidates' Word or PDF resume into our platform. Only one candidate at a time, please.
  4. We can then immediately review your talent for our opportunities and provide you feedback as well.

Ready to get started? Fill out this little form, email it back to our and we will be in touch.