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Recruitment Marketing Strategist - EARLY ADMITTANCE!
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Concord, MA US
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Full Time
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Recruitment Marketing Strategist - EARLY ADMITTANCE!

At SmashFly, we're growing. Fast. How fast? We're on pace to double the size of our workforce this year and have increased our team by 38% in Q1 alone!

As a leading innovator in recruitment marketing, we do things differently, and that's why you're here. This is your unique opportunity to introduce yourself before we officially open this Recruitment Marketing Strategist position. We both know, the more time we have to get to know each other, the better the chance for a great match on both sides, so let's get started!

With our Early Admittance jobs, we're changing the rules. Register now, tell us about yourself, drop off your resume and put yourself at the at the top of the list. We guarantee all Early Admittance candidates are reviewed and responded to before any others when the job is officially openedThis is only available on these Early Admittance jobs

And because we have time before the position officially opens, we may ask to learn more about your specific skills, or ask you to provide a video introduction about your background. We'll also offer you the ability to ask questions of us and we'll respond within 48 hours. It's all part of a quick form that will take just a few minutes to complete. 

Below is a bit more detail about what this position will entail. We encourage you to review and, if interested, register today to take advantage of these great benefits and direct communication.


Ideal Match: 

You have vision—this is important, because only someone with vision can create forward-thinking strategies for a company as visionary as SmashFly. Your approach to marketing is built upon strong experience and a deep, constantly compounding curiosity. You’re already imagining the best ways to harness your knowledge in a candidate-facing capacity. Data-driven, detail-oriented and future-focused, you a natural tactical planner. You know what works because you relate to people with ease. You also appreciate the importance of analyzing results, constantly improving your methods, and recognizing trends that allow you to stay one step ahead. The opportunity to apply your skills to contribute at the highest level thrills you.


Ideal Qualifications:

  • You are a strong communicator in writing and in person
  • You know your way around PhotoShop and marketing automation software like Pardot, HubSpot, etc.
  • You are highly organized and have a passion for new tools and technology
  • Marketing experience in consumer, b2b or even the recruitment space
  • Bonus points if you can write some html






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