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change how the world finds work

We are SmashFly. We are transforming the job search one company at a time. Join us and be a part of transforming the way the world not only finds work, but how it works.

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We are passionate, collaborative, disruptive, problem solvers. Does this sound like you? Let's connect.

We love what we do

Yes, we're a software company and we love talking agile methodology, API integrations and new product features (just walk into our engineering hub). But it doesn't end there. At SmashFly, we are a group who values authenticity and we are unafraid of challenging the status quo.

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We love why we do it

We believe in the power of purpose. Not just a job or a company, but the "why" factor. Why do we do what we do? We believe you don't work for a company, you work with a company. We geek out about helping our customers find the right talent at the right time with the right tactics. We love taking a fresh look at the old way and creating a new, better way. We believe we are changing the way the world finds work.

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we love who we are

Authenticity matters to us. We're genuine and hard-working. We don't work just to work - we're strategic, thinking ahead and spending our energy on the right work. Our team comes first, always. Because of all this, we're not static. We don't sit still. The status quo doesn't have anything on us.

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meet (a few of) our people

We think our team is great, not just great, downright awesome. Not to brag or anything. Meet our Smashers - Alexis, Jamie, Audrey, Allison, Wes and Rob. Go ahead, see for yourself.

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perks for days

Need to work from home? You bet. Nearly 1/3 of our team might be working in their PJs from day-to-day. Want to spend three weeks in New Zealand, like Elyse? No worries, our open vacation policy supports you to take some time to recharge. Not to mention, stock options, and weekly catered lunches for our team in the Boston area. And of course, our top-notch healthcare keeps you (and your family) well covered in sickness and in health.

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Top of the line

Stock Options

Weekly Catered


But we've won our share of awards - and these awards aren't only for our product, but also for our culture and work enviroment.